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What is Boiler Conversion?

Boiler Conversion is the process of changing a fossil-fuefiring boiler to a LeaBriqs (Briquettes) firing boiler. These fossil fuels include: Industrial Diesel Oil, Furnace oil, Kerosene, LPG and heavy fuel oil. Thermic fluid heater running on fossil fuel can also be converted.

The Lean Briq Fired Boiler

The Lean Briqs fired boiler is owned, maintained and operated by Lean Energy Solutions.

We install a complete LeaBriq (Briquette) fireboiler with all its accessories in place of old boilers, unconvertible, non-existent or very small boilers whose stearequirements have increased.

The Salient Features Of Boiler Conversion & Lean Briq Fired Boilers


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Lean Briqs?

This is our brand name for briquettes. Briquetting is the conversion of biomass into compact, high density low volume lumps by mechanical compression.
They can be used directly in boilers or furnaces that use firewood without conversion.

What are the benefits of using Lean Briqs?

Lean Briqs have the following benefits. They are:

a) Eco-friendly.
b) High in calorific value about 3800–4200 Kcal/Kg.
c) Low in ash content 6–8% which can be used as fertilizer. d) Easy to transport due to high bulk density.
e) Environmental friendly, they contain no sulphur against fuel oil which has 4%. Due to this absence, maximum heat recovery is possible before exhaust is released to the atmosphere.
f) Renewable Source of Energy.g) Carbon–Neutral fuel.

In addition, production of 1 tonne of Lean briqs (briquettes)

  • Generates 12 Man–day employment opportunity.
  • Saves the country approximately USD 150 on foreign exchange
  • Saves 1 tonne of Carbon dioxide emission.

How is the client involved?

aThe client only parts with a security deposit. The paybacperiod for this deposit is 35 months.

b) The client will be required to provide civil foundation worfor the equipment, space and shade for lean briqs.

What happens in case of non-availability of Lean Briqs?

The conversion does not interfere with the existing system. In case of aemergency, the client carevert to fossil fuefiring by removing ducand putting back the burner of the originaequipment. This change over cannot take more than 34 hours. 

Who will be responsible for handling the ash? Is it harmful?

Ash from Lean Briqs is neither harmful nor hazardous to the environment.

Lean Energy Solutions Ltd is responsible for taking care of the ash. This ascan be used in manufacture of bricks or eveas a land fill afertilizer.


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