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Lean Energy Solutions Ltd engages in CSR activities under the guidance of its CSR Policy through Lean Foundation. The Activities range from supporting pupils with books and school fees contributions to the deliberate employment of marginalized communities in our plants. See below some of our activities:

Got Nyithindo Primary School

Lean Energy Solutions Ltd undertook its first CSR project in 2010. The project was directed at Got Nyithindo Primary School in Muhoroni, located about 5 km from the company’s briquetting plant there. Most of the pupils who go to the school have parents working for Lean Energy Solutions Ltd at the plant and therefore the company would be directly affected for lack of school fees or books for the children. Lean Energy Solutions Ltd therefore undertook to buy text books, sanitary towels and clothing each year to support the pupils and better the lives of their parents.


Employment of Marginalized Persons

Lean Energy Solutions Ltd has made deliberate choices to include people from the marginalized communities, specifically, the women and the youth, through employment opportunities. In the same way, the company also seeks to support Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and people living with HIV/AIDS. In all three briquetting plants, 80% of the workers are women and a significant number of them, people living with HIV/AIDS. The briquetting plants provide an opportune environment for mentorship of the young people as well as empowerment of women and other marginalized persons.


Green Energy Products

Lean Energy Solutions Ltd is passionate about keeping the environment green and free of greenhouse gases. All products are to push the renewable energy agenda; to mitigate greenhouse emissions thereby reducing global warming. From briquette and pellet manufacture to solar solutions and energy consultancy services, Lean Energy Solutions Ltd is committed to providing an eco-friendly environment while providing cost-effective business solutions to its clients.

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