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What are pellets?

Pellets are bio-fuels made from compressed organic matter or biomass. Lean energy Solutions pellets are produced from saw dust that would otherwise be disposed. This technology involves  compaction of saw dust under high pressure into small cylindrical bars of compressed energy, with uniform shape and size.

Due to the consistent rise in the cost of fossil fuels and price instability, and the increased attention given to the effects of using fossil fuels such as oil and gas on the environment, pellet use is encouraged as alternative source of thermo energy.
Worldwide, half a billion households prepare their meals on open fires using firewood or charcoal. This releases high amount of indoor air pollution, resulting in sickness, and eventually causing over 4 million untimely deaths yearly. Furthermore, buying fuel consumes a large portion of the average household income, making it difficult for people to save money to improve their lives. Pellets solve most of these problems as it is user and environment friendly. This is because pellets are used in clean cook stoves that gasify them hence producing a clean and hot flame free from green house gases.

The benefits of using pellets

Eco friendly

Low Ash Content

High Energy Yield

Easy to Transport

Clean Energy

Domestic Friendly


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