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To comply with the ERC’s regulations on Solar Water Heating which came into effect in 2017, Lean Energy Solutions Ltd not only helps you to comply but also to contribute to our country’s vision of becoming a green nation helping in the battle against climate change.

Requirements of The Energy (Solar Water Heating) Regulations, 2012:-

  1. All premises within the jurisdiction of local authorities with hot water requirements of a capacity exceeding one hundred litres per day shall install and use solar heating systems;
  2. Within a period of five years from the effective date of the Regulations, all existing premises with hot water requirements of a capacity exceeding one hundred litres per day shall install and use solar heating systems;
  3. An owner of premises, Architect and an Engineer engaged in the design, construction, extension or alteration of premises shall incorporate solar water heating systems in all new premises designs and extensions or alterations to existing premises;
  4. An electric power distributor or supplier shall not provide electricity supply to premises where a solar water heating system has not been installed in accordance with the Regulations;
  5. The design, installation, repair and maintenance of a Solar Water Heating System shall be in accordance with the Code of Practice – Solar Water Heating for Domestic Hot Water; Kenya Standard KS 1860:2008 and the Building Code made under the Local Government Act;
  6. The Solar Water Heating Regulations will be implemented in liaison with the local authorities responsible for implementing Section NN31.5 of Planning and Building Regulations, 2009;
  7. A person shall not undertake any solar water heating system installation work unless the person is licensed by the Energy Regulatory Commission as a solar water heating system technician or a contractor.

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Lean Energy solutions supplies two versions of the solar solutions which are of the highest quality and efficiency:

Direct solar water heaters

Direct solar water heaters use roof mounted solar “collectors” to absorb energy from the sun. The energy collected is then used to heat the water stored in the storage tank. Generally, this is achieved by running the water through channels (also known as “risers”) in the collector. As the water moves up the collector it gets hotter and returns into the tank, ready to use. 


Indirect solar water heaters

Indirect solar water heaters are designed for frost prone climates. They work similarly to direct models but rather than ‘directly’ heating the water in the solar collectors, a special fluid with anti-freeze properties is heated. This fluid, kept within an enclosed circuit, transfers the heat to the water when it “drains back” into the tank. In this way the sun heats the water indirectly, heating the fluid which then heats the water.


The Benefits of Using Solar Water Heating



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