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Why Going Green Is Important

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Deforestation in the world has become a major topic of discussion. Earlier on in the year we experienced raised temperatures with some parts of the country experiencing drought.

It was then uncovered that most of our forests had been destroyed in search of timber, firewood or charcoal which led to rivers drying up. The government enforced a logging ban for 3 months which was then extended for another three months.

The united Nations have come up with a strategic plan for forests 2017-2030, which provides a global framework for actions at all levels to sustain-ably manage all types of forests and trees outside forests and halt deforestation and forest degradation.

But as we all know, charity begins at home. In this blog i will be letting you know why going green at home is important.


Making the planet livable for future generations : imagine all the syfy movies showing the world as a heavily polluted, cluttered planet coming to life? That’s enough to give anyone nightmares , but it can remain just that: a nightmare if the next time u go upcountry you plant a tree or if that’s a problem go plant one at Karura , Think twice the next time you want to throw trash out of the window and No, putting those sweet wrappers in between seats in matatu’s isn’t any better.

Business is booming for companies going green .  The companies implement the policies on green energy passed by the government like The Solar Water Heaters for buildings using more than 100 liters of hot water in a day. Research has shown that investments in wind power produces nearly 3 times as many jobs as the coal industry, while solar power is even higher with 4 times as many jobs from the same investment.  Reports have also shown that employees are happier when working with companies embracing sustainability, increasing employee retention. Now you know where to invest your money if the sportpesa jackpot comes your way.

Save money on your energy bills. By installing Solar Water Heaters or Solar backup solutions in your home can help you reduce your bills on electricity and also the wait on KPLC tokens. Solar Water Heaters can reduce your utility bills by up to 25% and going off-grid with Solar PV can eliminate the electricity bills altogether.

To live a healthier life: There seems to always be a story on how the products on the shelves on our supermarkets are pure chemicals( especially juice) or just plastic(especially rice) . One of the main reasons to go green is to improve and take care of our health . If we can’t go green for our health , what else would we go green for?

Each and everyday seal levels rise and super storms become more likely because we pump harmful chemicals and pollutants into the sky. This emissions modify the balance of gases in the atmosphere, this can lead to climate change, the ozone layer degradation and climate change. The only thing we can do to reduce this is by reducing our emissions.


Do your part in making Earth a better place by switching to a green lifestyle and encouraging others to do the same.  


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